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As core to a community as the pub or church, a sports club also means communication. Prestige Signs works with sports clubs in three ways - 1. Devising marketing strategies, web builds, emails, text messaging and more 2. We’ll work for clients who want to interact with a sports clubs audience 3. We’ll create signage for the clubs that maximises on their locale and any sponsorship opportunities that may arise, therefore, generating revenue for the club. What other signage company would make your club money?!


We love video here at Prestige Signs and Marketing. It can be informative, funny, factual, a complete fib, can be anything you want it to be! Most importantly, a video could work for you in a way that an ad in the local press or a cold call won’t. It’ll generate conversation, raise your brand awareness, enthuse customers and lead to more interaction with your business.

Outdoor advertising

Prestige Signs and Marketing has access to numerous outdoor advertising sites in the county, and we’re always looking for more opportunities to sell outdoor advertising. So, whether you’ve got a position to sell or want to target a particular area with a specific message, get in touch!


With the emphasis these days on your business having a website, sometimes a magazine which you can give to your customer and guide them through can be more effective than hoping that they “find” your website through a search engine. It’s tangible, feels good, smells nice and can communicate a great deal about your business and ethos.

E marketing

Cost effective, direct and a marketing tool you can manage once our user friendly system is in place. If you have an email data base or want to build one so you can communicate with your customers as often as possible, Prestige Signs and Marketing can make that happen.

Marketing /

Media is communication and Prestige Signs and Marketing works within and manages a range of communication- publishing magazines, social, mobile, sponsorship, websites, sports clubs, video, photography and outdoor advertising.


The social networks that have become part of our everyday lives are a great way to stay in touch with existing customers and meet new ones. The likes of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube mean you can stay in touch with customers in real time. Got a new product that will make a difference to your clients’ lives new in stock? Then Tweet it! Won’t cost you anything, and you may sell one through social media!


Do you know anyone who hasn’t got a mobile phone? granddad even has one! Texting can be an incredibly cost effective way to stay in touch with customers. We’re not talking about the annoying ones that find their way to you, but text messages that a customer has signed up for. If you have something worth shouting about, then your customers will want to hear about it.


Sponsorship is a unique way for a brand to interact with a group of people, and Prestige Signs and Marketing will help you identify where an opportunity for sponsorship is, its value and even sell it for you. Be it a sports club, music event, news platform or anything in between.


We know what works and what doesn’t online. Trust us. We’ll offer you loads of added value such as a video ad, text messaging, emails and advice on optimisation, Google, keywords and more! And best of all, our prices are realistic and we’ll always ensure you have a site that you can manage.

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